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  • A synthesis approach of mouse studies to identify genes and proteins in arterial thrombosis and bleeding.

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  • BACTOME-a reference database to explore the sequence- and gene expression-variation landscape of Pseudomonas aeruginosa clinical isolates.

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  • Sixteen diverse laboratory mouse reference genomes define strain-specific haplotypes and novel functional loci.

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  • Comparative immunogenicity and efficacy of equivalent outer membrane vesicle and glycoconjugate vaccines against nontyphoidal <i>Salmonella</i>.

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  • Epidermal Tissue Adapts to Restrain Progenitors Carrying Clonal p53 Mutations.

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  • Common genetic variants contribute to risk of rare severe neurodevelopmental disorders.

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  • Effect of vaccination on pneumococci isolated from the nasopharynx of healthy children and the middle ear of children with otitis media in Iceland.

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  • Population genetic analysis of Chadian Guinea worms reveals that human and non-human hosts share common parasite populations.

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  • Cell Model Passports-a hub for clinical, genetic and functional datasets of preclinical cancer models.

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  • An investigation into the Omp85 protein BamK in hypervirulent Klebsiella pneumoniae, and its role in outer membrane biogenesis.

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