Innovation and Industry

Genomics Innovation and Industry

When building collaborations we place a strong emphasis on synergy between the institute and our partners. We hold an open dialogue with potential research, clinical and commercial partners so that we can work together to identify areas of common interest and partnering models. Our collaborative work with partners enables us to:

  • Source opportunities and develop tools, platform technologies and early- and late-stage products.
  • Facilitate further biomedical research through the co-creation and sharing of genomic technologies and resources.
  • Strengthen the Cambridge ecosystem in genomics and biodata.

We also work in partnership with the Cambridge life sciences industry and beyond to participate in our entrepreneurial and training programmes, as well as our events as key players within the life sciences ecosystem.

How we work with industry partners

  • Large-scale, high throughput, high-quality research.
  • Access to disruptive genome and biodata innovations developed on industrial scale platforms.
  • A diversity of partnership models across academia, industry and public sector organisations.
  • Deep knowledge and expertise in a focused field.
  • Strong culture of academic and commercial collaboration.
  • BioData Innovation Centre (BIC)- a world-class innovation centre at the Wellcome  Genome Campus for genome and biodata companies.
  • A growing, unique and highly-connected community of the sector’s brightest minds and most innovative organisations. 

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