Wellcome Sanger Institute

Sanger Institute to extend funding for Postdoctoral Fellows affected by COVID-19 shutdown

Funding will be extended for six months, including for those funded by third parties

The Wellcome Sanger Institute will extend the contracts of all Postdoctoral Fellows (PDFs) at the Institute for six months, in light of the continuing COVID-19 shutdown. The extension includes both PDFs who are funded by the Institute directly and those funded by third parties.

The decision was taken in recognition that the shutdown of the majority of scientific operations at the Institute could impact productivity at a crucial stage for postdoctoral researchers.

“These are difficult times for many of us at the Institute for a variety of reasons and we recognise that Postdoctoral Fellows, whose funding covers a set time period, are rightly concerned about how this delay will affect them and their research. This decision makes sense for our Postdoctoral Fellows and for the Institute as a whole.”

Professor Nicole Soranzo, Chair of the Postdoctoral Fellow Development Committee

A working group has been established to oversee the extension and address any complications that may arise. This will include establishing a process to identify individuals and situations where a longer extension may be required.

“The contribution of our Postdoctoral Fellows is integral to the Institute’s scientific research. We hope that this funding extension for all our Postdoctoral Fellows will reassure them that they will be supported to complete their work once the Institute is up and running again.”

Professor Sir Mike Stratton, Director of the Wellcome Sanger Institute

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