Influencing Policy

How the Sanger Institute influences policy by advising governments and parliamentary groups

Nurturing research - in the UK and globally

We seek to improve health, medical understanding, diagnostics and treatment through genomic research. We strive to carry out the most insightful research and then help doctors and scientists to use our discoveries to develop new therapies and tests.

To achieve these goals, we need:

  • Sustained and reliable investment in UK life science.
  • Government policies that nurture and support scientists in the UK as they carry out their research.
  • Clear and transparent legislation that enables our researchers to carry out their studies sensitively and ethically.
  • Open access to research data both for and from scientists around the work to power further discoveries and translation into medical benefits
  • Support from Governments and influencers to build nationwide understanding and support for our research.

Guiding governments with scientific evidence

The Sanger Institute advises all levels of government both in the UK and across the world on the the role, impact and importance of genomic and life science research.

Improving health outcomes through genomics

For these reasons, we work closely with a range of UK, EU and global organisations to inform and advise governments and policymakers on the role, impact and importance of genomics, genomic technologies and their potential to improve global health outcomes. In particular, we work with the UK Government, Parliament, learned societies, research funders, charities and national academies to provide evidence, prepare reports, respond to consultations and participate in working.

Fostering future study

Yet, important new discoveries are of little value if they are not widely broadcast and used by the scientific and medical communities. To ensure that our findings and data enable researchers worldwide to develop further insights and translate the work into new therapies, treatments or diagnostics, we promote the Institute’s commitment to open access science by managing the sharing of our datasets.

Leading by example

We also promote the same values of responsibility, transparency and openness within the Sanger Institute itself. To help shape the Institute’s future research and strategic direction, our policy team works closely with the Sanger’s legal, regulatory, campus development, communications and public engagement teams as well as the Animal Welfare and Ethical Regulation Body (AWERB) and Human Materials and Data Management Committee (HMDMC).

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