Wellcome applauds USA and UK governments' commitment to free sequence data

Today the United States government and UK Government announced that all DNA sequence data from the Human Genome Project would remain free for use worldwide.

Commenting on today’s announcement by the United States and UK Government on the sequence data from the Human Genome Project:

“The Wellcome Trust is committed to ensuring that sequence data from the collaborative Human Genome Project remains in the public domain. We are delighted with today’s announcement as it reaffirms a key underlying principle of the Human Genome Project that sequence data, which can be used to develop medically important therapies, is made freely available to all researchers.”

Dr Mike Dexter Director of the Wellcome Trust

“The Human Genome Project provides a unique resource – today’s announcement will help ensure that this global resource is fully exploited and that the information can be developed to provide real healthcare advances. We hope that similar agreements are established between other Human Genome Project collaborators to ensure that this important genetic resource is owned by mankind.”

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