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Statement on the war in Ukraine

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It is with disbelief, horror and sadness that we have watched the tragic events unfold following the invasion of Ukraine. Our thoughts are with all those affected at this terrible moment in history. It is devastating to witness the bloodshed and suffering of the people of Ukraine and the chaos and uncertainty across the region.

At this grim time, driven simply by sympathy, compassion and respect for our fellow human beings many of us want to voice our solidarity with those affected and with the principles of freedom that are being undermined. We also, however, have a particular voice as people working in science, contributing daily to the collaboratively built and shared, global edifice of knowledge about the natural world, and specifically wish to register our abhorrence of this war.

As an Institute, we will continue to explore practical and meaningful ways to help people affected and will use our expertise and resources to do so. This will be in both the short and long term, as the effects of what we are witnessing now will be felt into the future.