Our Faculty conceive and deliver our science. Within our strategic framework the Institute’s scientific aspirations are driven by their vision, imagination and intellectual energy.

The Institute has four different Faculty types: FacultyAssociate FacultyHonorary Faculty and International Fellows (below).

About the Wellcome Sanger Institute International Fellowship Programme

The Wellcome Sanger Institute is dedicated to advancing genome research globally. The International Fellows Programme (IFP) is central to this mission, focusing on empowering scientists from Low- and Middle-Income Countries (LMICs) through access to cutting-edge genomic technologies and training. Established in 2012, under the leadership of Professor Gordon Dougan, the programme expanded to attract early-career LMIC researchers, fostering collaboration and joint scientific projects.

Located south of Cambridge, our internationally renowned genomic research centre boasts over 30 core faculty teams and 1,300 dedicated employees.

Our International Fellows Programme  aims to:

  • Share genomic research knowledge globally
  • Enhance genomic research leadership in LMICs
  • Prioritise underrepresented locations for genomic research.
  • Enrich the Genome Campus environment and network.
  • Provide access to Sanger’s expertise and infrastructure.
  • Foster collaborations and bilateral exchanges.
  • Broaden the Institute’s scientific portfolio.
  • Establish International Fellows alumni network for long-term impact.

Joining as an International Fellow grants access to our unparalleled research environment, including:

  • £100,000 fellowship fund (for three years, with potential for extensions. Funds support project costs, salaries, equipment, travel, and training).
  • Mentorship from Sanger Faculty.
  • Access to Sanger’s infrastructure and resources.
  • Support for funding applications and career development.
  • IFP retreats and alumni network.
  • Partnership with Wellcome.
  • Opportunities for global training and capacity development.

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Our Aim is for International Fellows to bring in new areas and ideas that enrich the Sanger Institute's scientific research portfolio while also enabling Fellows to access our scientific community and central facilities within the field of genomic research.