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Tree of Life


The Tree of Life Programme investigates the diversity of complex organisms (eukaryotes - organisms that have a nucleus) through sequencing and cellular technologies. We generate and use high-quality genome sequences to explore the evolution of life, provide the raw materials for new biotechnology and deliver tools and understanding for biodiversity conservation.

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The Tree of Life Programme has a Twitter feed of its latest developments, projects and work. To keep up to date with the latest news, please visit:

Faculty positions available

The Tree of Life Programme is seeking four exceptional research scientists.

You will join our Faculty who have diverse expertise in biology, genetics, medicine, pathology, technology, informatics, computational science, mathematics, and statistics. They work alongside each other with a particular scientific culture and intellectual critical mass supported by technical, IT, and analytic support to develop and follow bold ideas in an agile manner.

Our exceptional funding enables Faculty to focus their energy on their science, by providing a comprehensive package of support and salaries. We provide excellent benefits and relocation support, along with rewarding and flexible employment terms to enable you to thrive and develop your scientific career at our Institute.

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