Genomic Surveillance Unit

The Unit supports partners worldwide with practical tools for pandemic preparedness and local infectious disease control.

We develop, run, support and maintain open products: all the way from sample collection in the field, through high-throughput laboratory sequencing, to the delivery and interrogation of analysis-ready data.

Dan Ross

COVID-19 research at the Sanger Institute

We track, understand and combat COVID-19. Every day we read the genomes of thousands of viruses to track its spread, find new variants, and guide public health choices. We study how the virus enters our cells, and we develop new infection tests

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#genomics is one of the most exciting subsectors in the UK economy today. We are home to a variety of innovative, growing genomics SMEs who are developing solutions to improve our #health and #wellbeing 🧬 @sangerinstitute @MedDiscCat


For centuries we've had anatomical maps of how the body's organs are connected, but what would a diagram of the immune system’s connections look like? In @Nature we report our initiative to map the "interactome" that links human immune cells together (1/14)