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Dan Ross

COVID-19 research at the Sanger Institute

We track, understand and combat COVID-19. Every day we read the genomes of thousands of viruses to track its spread, find new variants, and guide public health choices. We study how the virus enters our cells, and we develop new infection tests

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We're delighted that two Cambridge-led projects are featured in @CancerGrand Discover update.

Check out the latest progress from the Mutographs team @sangerinstitute exploring mutational signatures in cancer and the IMAXT team @CRUK_CI building the first VR map of cancer.

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Cancer Grand Challenges @CancerGrand

Today we launch Discover, our annual celebration of the progress our global, diverse teams have made against cancer’s toughest challenges over the past year.

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We’re delighted that our Director, Mike Stratton, and @IauraRiVA have been featured in @CancerGrand’s Discover, celebrating global cancer research

Learn more about their investigation into mutational signatures in cancer 🧬➡️