The Sanger Institute Prize 2022

The Sanger Prize is an outreach competition aimed at undergraduate students who live and study in low or middle income countries. The winner will have a three-month internship in a research group at the Sanger Institute with all travel, living and research expenses covered

Dan Ross

COVID-19 research at the Sanger Institute

We track, understand and combat COVID-19. Every day we read the genomes of thousands of viruses to track its spread, find new variants, and guide public health choices. We study how the virus enters our cells, and we develop new infection tests

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Recent findings from our #Mutographs team @sangerinstitute challenge the current theory of ageing, revealing that healthy cells can tolerate many more mutations than previously assumed - watch our short animation summarising their discovery🎥👇 #mutations #genomes @drphilrobinson

COSMIC v95 is here 🎉

The latest release has a focus on rare female cancers, chromatin remodelling genes & new resistance mutations.

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#COSMICv95 #cancergenetics #cancerresearch