Next Sanger Seminar: 21 April - Professor Nicole Soranzo

Genetics of common, complex diseases
Professor Nicole Soranzo is a group leader at the Sanger Institute, seeking to unravel the spectrum of human genetic variation associated with cardiometabolic diseases, and its interaction with non-genetic and environmental cues.
Find out more about her work in our free, online seminar at 16.00 UK BST, Wednesday 21 April

Dan Ross

COVID-19 research at the Sanger Institute

We are committed to tracking, understanding and combatting COVID-19. Our staff sequence thousands of virus genomes and use the data to trace transmission, inform public health measures and monitor for new variants of the virus. We also work to understand how the virus interacts with our cells, and to develop new diagnostics

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Apparently I had quite a lot to say about Brexit and supply shortages. Brexit has created so many challenges for our science, the difficulty of getting reagents and sending samples is just one issue, but they contribute to making the UK a less attractive place to do science.

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Border hold-ups and complex new rules are causing supply shortages that jeopardise research, says @sangerinstitute