Wellcome Sanger Institute

Sanger Excellence Fellowships 2024 now open

We are proud to be launching our Excellence Fellowship, aimed at people from Black heritage backgrounds, for a third time. We are keen to enable Black early career researchers to develop their research experience portfolio and thrive in UK genomics science. We provide training, mentorship and support to drive each Fellow's career forward to support a more diverse pipeline of future talent.

Our Annual Highlights is out now

Discover how we use cutting-edge genomics and imaging technology to explore how the lungs, placenta and heart develop - powering future diagnostics and treatments.

Learn how we use saturation genome editing to understand the effects of changing every DNA letter of a gene - paving the way for personalised healthcare.

Read how we have built on our disease surveillance skills, honed during the COVID-19 pandemic, to guide public health decisions by understanding the value of vaccination to prevent cholera outbreaks.

Explore how we push the limits of DNA sequencing to create the reference genome library of all eukaryotic species in the UK and Ireland.