Sanger Leadership Team

The Sanger Leadership Team is an Executive Committee that reports to the Director and the Genome Research Limited (GRL) Board. It is designed to enable holistic and effective decision making, with transparency and accountability woven into its make up. The Committee is made up of senior leaders that are tasked with making significant and sound decisions in the best interest of Sanger as it supports and delivers its scientific mission and positively influences Sanger’s organisational culture with a focus on equality, diversity and inclusion.



Wellcome Sanger Institute Director

Professor Matthew Hurles


Executive Assistant to Wellcome Sanger Institute Director

Debbie Howe


Deputy Chair

Associate Director

Dr Julia Wilson


Director of Connecting Science

Professor Julian Rayner


Head of the Cancer, Ageing and Somatic Mutation Programme

Dr Peter Campbell


Head of the Parasites and Microbes Programme

Professor Nicholas Thomson


Head of Human Genetics Programme

Dr Carl Anderson


Interim Head of Cellular Genetics Programme

Professor Muzlifah Haniffa


Head of Tree of Life Programme

Professor Mark Blaxter


Director of Scientific Operations

Dr Cordelia Langford


Chief Operating Officer

Dr Martin Dougherty


Chief Finance Officer

Ms Maggie Payne


Director of Human Resources

Charlie Weatherhogg


Chief Information Officer

Dr James McCafferty


General Counsel and Company Secretary

Nadia Meliti

Standing Attendees

Head of Strategy

Johanna Staines


Employee Partnership Chair

Briony Clarke


Chief of Staff to Sanger Director

Carl Logan

Head of Translation

Dr Emmanuelle Astoul


Director of Communications

Steve Palmer


[Standing attendees do not have a vote but their input is critical in informing decisions and help bring a wider perspective.]


Wellcome Representative

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