Press releases in 2010

20th December
Chronic Fatigue Syndrome is not caused by XMRV
New research shows XMRV virus is a lab contaminant
19th December
The genetic basis of brain diseases
A set of brain proteins is found to play a role in over 100 brain diseases and provides a new insight into evolution of behaviour
26th November
Genetic markers for blood clot found
Study provides new avenues to understanding biology of heart disease
21st November
39 new genetic associations with Crohn's disease
UK-led research links more genes to Crohn's disease than any other condition
17th November
Sanger Institute researcher among first to receive Rutherford Discovery Fellowship
Paul Gardner receives Royal Society of New Zealand award
7th November
Sanger researcher awarded Cancer Research UK prize
Dr Peter Campbell is future leader in his field
27th October
Forces for cancer spread: genomic instability and evolutionary selection
Pancreatic cancer genomes show remarkable mutation effects
1000 Genomes Project publishes analysis of completed pilot phase
Produces tool for research into genetic contributors to human disease
19th October
When one is not enough: finding hyper-sensitive genes
Study reveals genetic signatures for childhood developmental disorders caused by the loss of one of the two copies of a gene
14th October
PiggyBac joins armoury in fight against cancer
Powerful mutation tool identifies new cancer genes
10th October
Apple-shaped or pear-shaped, it's partly down to your genes
International team of scientists pins down gene variations associated with body fat distribution and obesity
29th September
Is explaining variation in height a tall order?
Number of genetic variants associated with height shoots up to 180
22nd September
Researchers suggest human malignant malaria originated in gorillas
Genetic match between human-infecting and wild gorilla-infecting malaria organisms found
16th September
Completed genome is first step to tackling Tasmanian devil facial tumours
Uncovering the mutations found in transmissible cancer in the endangered Tasmanian devil could help conservation efforts
9th September
New insights into type 1 diabetes risk
European scientists identify a gene network associated with type 1 diabetes
1st September
Finding variants in the human genome
HapMap 3 points the way forward for human genetics studies
29th August
First genetic link to common migraine exposed
Genetic variant may increase susceptibility to migraine triggers
25th August
The Leena Peltonen School of Human Genomics
Unique School of Human Genomics is renamed in a tribute to its founder
4th August
Uncovering the heart of genetic influence on cholesterol and triglyceride levels in the blood
Worldwide research study reveals 95 genetic risk factors that alter levels of blood fats in multiple human populations
15th July
Largest study of genomes and cancer treatments releases first results
UK-US collaboration building up a database for personalised cancer treatment
12th July
Kymab and Wellcome Trust sign £20 million financing agreement
UK biopharmaceutical company will be built based on human monoclonal antibody technology from the Sanger Institute
28th June
Decoding diabetes
12 new genes linked to type 2 diabetes
24th June
Celebrating a 'decade of discovery' since the Human Genome Project
New project launched to sequence 10,000 genomes in three years
Wellcome Trust launches study of 10,000 human genomes in UK
Ten years on from the announcement of the first draft, a new initiative will investigate 10,000 human genomes to uncover disease-causing variants
21st June
1000 Genomes Project releases data from pilot projects on path to providing database for 2,500 human genomes
Freely available data supporting next generation of human genetic research
10th June
Making cancer killers
Reprogramming immune system cells to produce natural killer cells for cancer
17th May
Professor Mike Stratton appointed new Director
World-leading cancer genome expert appointed new Director of Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute
21st April
Institute researcher wins Benjamin Franklin award
Alex Bateman honoured for promoting open access in the life sciences
14th April
Cataloguing cancer codes
International Cancer Genome Consortium plans to sequence 25,000 cancer genomes
13th April
Sequence is scaffold to study sleeping sickness
Study probes Trypanosoma parasite genome for cause of human infectivity
12th April
Bacterial evolution then and there and here and now
C. difficile genome shows it is still emerging as a health problem
8th April
CNVs close up
New experimental approaches provide a magnifying glass to look at the mutations behind structural variation
1st April
Proteins at the heart of life
MitoCheck consortium develops route to find key proteins in cell division
Who speaks to whom in stem cell biology?
A contact list for embryonic stem cell proteins highlights development and disease genes as key nodes of the network
31st March
Sanger Institute papers in Nature
Institute authors contribute to five genome papers in prestigious journal
CNVs and common disease
Common copy number variations unlikely to contribute significantly towards common diseases
Movies for the human genome
Europe consortium captures gene disruption on film
From alpaca to zebra finch
A decade of cataloguing life's diversity
29th March
Allan Bradley leads translation opportunity
Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute Director to focus on research and development
18th March
Sanger Institute Scientist Awarded Cancer Research Prize
Mike Stratton receives the Lila Gruber Cancer Research Award
11th March
Professor Leena Peltonen-Palotie: 1952-2010
Notes to Editors
10th March
Exploring genetic effects in cells
A deep look into population variation in gene activity provides key insight to cell functions and disease susceptibility
17th February
Sorting the drivers from the passengers in the cancer genome
Screening cancer genomes for the driver mutations in tumour suppressor genes
26th January
Gentlemen or farmers?
Most modern European males descend from farmers who migrated from the Near East
21st January
Tracking MRSA evolution and transmission
Revolutionary strategy for control and prevention of infection
17th January
From biological basics to diabetes discovery
Researchers uncover novel genetic markers for diabetes-related traits
6th January
Unravelling kidney cancer
Mutations in the genome regulation machinery identified in clear cell renal cell carcinoma

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