Press releases in 2004

13th December
International HapMap Consortium Releases All Data to the Public
HapMap Will Help Identify Genetic Contributions to Disease
23rd November
Genomic Bookmarks Uncovered
First Chapter of Human Epigenome Project
26th October
Top Award to Sanger Scientist
Lord Lloyd of Kilgerran Award Lecture
20th October
The finished human genome
The "Gold Standard" sequence
29th September
A Switch for Lung Cancer
Gene Mutation suggests Targeted Treatments
14th September
Getting a Grip on the Great Mimicker
Secrets of a Stealth Organism
4th July
MICER: a resource to help understand disease
Making sense of the mouse genome
24th June
Superbug's Pick'n'Mix DNA
UK MRSA genome decoded
28th May
Richard Durbin, Deputy Director of the Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute, Elected to the Royal Society
Notes to Editors
27th May
One-tenth of our genome in one day: from sequence to disease to evolution
Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute decodes human chromosome 9 and 10
1st April
Number 13 - unlucky for genes?
Latest chromosome analysis reveals the variety in our genome
4th February
COSMIC assault on cancer
Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute launches Catalogue Of Somatic Mutations In Cancer

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