Press releases in 2003

18th December
Mapping A Road To Understanding Human Health
International HapMap Project Starts the Cartography of Human Genome Variation
3rd November
Sanger's Celestial Spiral Staircase
Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute completes two billion genetic letters
23rd October
Largest bite at the human genome
Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute doubles gene count on chromosome 6
15th October
New Wellcome Trust Campus Build 'Tops Out'
Notes to Editors
7th October
Epigenomics And The Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute Launch Human Epigenome Project To Follow EU-Pilot Study
Notes to Editors
14th April
The Finished Human Genome - Wellcome To The Genomic Age
Notes to Editors
21st February
Undercover Infective - Cracking the Code of a Quiet Killer
Notes to Editors

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