Press releases in 2001

20th December
Dermatitis, Diabetes, Dementia:
Chromosome 20 Gives up its Secrets
25th October
Typhoid fever bug sequence raises hope of complete eradication
Typhoid Facts:
15th October
Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute moves to new era
Core Projects: Human Genomics and Genetic Studies in Model Organisms
4th October
Black Death unveiled
Plague Facts
16th May
Top international award for British genome champion
Sanger Institute Contact Information:
8th May
Of mice and men - First phase of mouse genome sequencing project completed
Publicly Available Data Expected to Speed Medical Discovery
26th April
Wellcome Trust promotes open door policy of human genome treasure chest
"World's biggest free gift is still a secret"
21st February
Leprosy genome shows massive gene decay
Leprosy - the enigmatic scourge
15th February
Mouse genome data available in public databases
Coverage Now Exceeds Two-Thirds of Total Sequence
11th February
Human Genome Publication
8th January
Dr John Sulston Knighted in the New Year Honours list

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