Services and technologies

[Genome Research Limited]

The Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute's technological platforms underpin our ability to carry out biomedical research on a large scale, allowing researchers to answer questions that can be intractable in other institutions.

Here we outline the operation of these platforms and discuss how researchers can access our technologies.


SequencingWe aim to use the most appropriate technology to provide the data to solve important questions in biomedicine


Genome analysis pipelines

Genome analysis pipelinesOur pipelines are dedicated to delivery of sample logistics, genome-wide data generation, PCR target preparation for re-sequencing, data quality control, analysis and storage


Access Physical Resources

Access Physical ResourcesThe Sanger Institute provides physical resources for the scientific community. Learn how to access our resources


Sequence Variation Infrastructure

Sequence Variation InfrastructureWe develop algorithms and technologies that enable researchers to discover and share genetic variation using next-generation sequencing technologies


Proteomic mass spectrometry

Proteomic mass spectrometryThe Institute uses proteomic mass spectrometry to answer biological problems that are only tractable at the level of proteins


Research support facility (RSF)

Research support facility (RSF)Our animal facility (RSF) provides a controlled environment to optimise research utilising Model Organisms


IT infrastructure & data management

IT infrastructure & data managementOur IT infrastructure is one of the most extensive in life sciences and is set to grow dramatically in the future


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