Cell Model Passports Database

A Hub for Preclinical Cancer Models - Annotation, Genomics & Functional Datasets

The Cell Model Passports database and website (https://cellmodelpassports.sanger.ac.uk/) brings together effective curation of cancer cell models with genomic and functional data sets to facilitate access and integration. The site describes the cell models used within the Cancer Dependency Map at Sanger.

Scientists are able to search for a single or multiple models using criteria such as tissue, cancer type, mutational status or data availability. Browsing individual model pages provides detailed descriptions, patient information, locations of available data sets and direct links out to other resources. Downloads of the datasets and model information are available and the database can also be queried programmatically using the REST-API.

The Cell Model Passport is an evolving platform designed to incorporate new datasets and models including organoids derived at the Sanger as part of the Human Cancer Model Initiative (HCMI).


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