Serapis Archival Management System

Serapis manages the ingestion of data into the iRODS-based human genetics data archive at Sanger.

Serapis is a distributed system that gathers metadata required for an archival submission from several sources automatically, as well as providing a way for manual curation of metadata if required. The project is currently functional and in use at Sanger, although as it stands there is currently only a low-level REST interface - the front end UI has not yet been developed.


Serapis is currently available only from its GitHub Repository

Further information

Serapis is licensed under the GNU Affero General Public license, version 3 or greater (AGPLv3+).

Sanger Institute Contributors

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Photo of Irina Gabriela Colgiu

Irina Gabriela Colgiu

Senior Software Developer

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Dr Joshua C. Randall

Senior Scientific Manager