Malaria amplicon-sequencing analysis

Nextflow pipeline for the analysis of malaria amplicon sequencing data

AmpRecon is a bioinformatics pipeline that aligns short-read sequencing data to specific amplicon panels, performs variant-calling, and produces genetic report cards. It was designed to work with amplicon-sequencing data from Plasmodium falciparum and Plasmodium vivax.

Sanger Institute Contributors

Photo of Bruhad Dave

Bruhad Dave


Photo of Katherine Figueroa

Katherine Figueroa

Principal Bioinformatician

Photo of Dr Matthew Forbes

Dr Matthew Forbes

Principal Bioinformatician

Photo of Andrea Frick-Kretschmer

Andrea Frick-Kretschmer

Senior Bioinformatician

Photo of Dr Kevin Howe

Dr Kevin Howe

Head of Data Analysis and Engineering

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Tom Maddison


Photo of Dr Frank Schwach

Dr Frank Schwach

Principal Bioinformatician

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Dr Antonio Marinho da Silva Neto

Senior Bioinformatician

Previous contributors

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Mr Simon Suddaby