Time course changes in gene expression in naive and memory CD4 T cells after activation

How gene expression changes after activation of CD4 naive and memory T cells

Do you want to know how your favourite gene(s) expression changes in activated CD4 T cells? Check it in our dataset!

We isolated memory and naive CD4 T cells from 119 individuals, activated them and analysed their gene expression by scRNAseq. We examined these two types of CD4 T cells before (0h) and at several time points (16h, 40h, 5days) after activation.

Visualise and download expression values, averaged by cell type, experimental time point and activation trajectory bin.

You can also visualise and download gene expression on single cell  level.

Full description of the experiment in our paper:
Immune disease risk variants regulate gene expression dynamics during CD4+ T cell activation Read paper

Study authors:

Blagoje Soskic1,2*, Eddie Cano-Gamez1,2*,

Deborah J. Smyth1,2*, Kirsty Ambridge1, Ziying Ke1, Lara Bossini-Castillo1, Joanna Kaplanis 1,2, Lucia Ramirez-Navarro1,Julie Matte 1, Anna Lorenc1, Nikolina Nakic3, Jorge Esparza-Gordillo3, Wendy Rowan3, David Wille3, David F. Tough3, Paola G. Bronson4, Gosia Trynka1,2

1. Wellcome Sanger Institute, Wellcome Genome Campus, Cambridge, UK
2. Open Targets, Wellcome Genome Campus, Hinxton, UK
3. GSK, R&D, Stevenage, UK
4. R&D Translational Biology, Biogen, Cambridge, MA, USA

* These authors contributed equally to this work


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