SAMtools / BCFtools / HTSlib

SAMtools, BCFtools. and HTSlib are tools for manipulating sequence alignment (SAM, BAM, CRAM) and variant call (VCF and BCF) files.

HTSlib is a software library for manipulating various sequencing and variant file formats: SAM, BAM, CRAM, VCF, and BCF. SAMtools and BCFtools are applications built around HTSlib, performing format conversion, file merging and splitting, sorting, variant calling, and much more.


For a full overview of the package see for documentation and downloads. Code development is tracked at in the appropriate sub-packages.


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Further information

All the code is non-encumbered OpenSource license, predominantly MIT with some BSD. Please see the top of each file for the specifics.


If you need help or have any queries, please contact us using the details below.

For bug reports or to ask questions, please use GitHub Issues for the appropriate repository:

Sanger Institute Contributors

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James Bonfield

Principal Software Developer

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Dr Petr Danecek

Statistical Genetics Analyst

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Robert Davies

Senior Scientific Manager

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Mr Martin O. Pollard

Technical Innovator

Photo of Andrew Whitwham

Andrew Whitwham

Senior Software Developer

Previous contributors

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John Marshall

Senior Software Developer

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Valeriu Ohan

Senior Software Developer

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Dr Joshua C. Randall

Senior Scientific Manager

External Contributors

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Heng Li

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