Contact information for mouse resources

The Sanger Institute plays a lead role in sequencing mouse genomes, discovering variants and generating and characterising mouse mutants and is dedicated to making these resources freely available to researchers.

Resource Email contact
Mouse phenotype data Ramiro Ramirez-Solis
Mutant mice Ramiro Ramirez-Solis
Targeted ES cells Bill Skarnes
SIGTR gene trap ES cells Bill Skarnes
Homozygous mutant ES cells Allan Bradley
C57BL/6N ES cells Bill Skarnes
Blm -/- ES cells Allan Bradley
EUCOMM/KOMP vectors Bill Skarnes
PiggyBac transposon system Allan Bradley
MICER (MHPP & MHPH) David Adams
bMQ BAC library (129S7) David Adams
C3HI BAC library David Adams
Mouse tiling path BAC set Allan Bradley
Mouse 1 Mb BAC set Allan Bradley
Mouse 0.5 Mb BAC set Allan Bradley
Mouse genomes data David Adams
Sanger Mouse Portal Bill Skarnes
HTGT database Bill Skarnes
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