Plasmodium knowlesi

Plasmodium knowlesi is a primate malaria parasite whose natural host is the long-tailed macaque (Macaca fascicularis). The parasite cause zoonotic infections in humans and is used as a model species.

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A reference sequence of P. knowlesi was first published by Pain et al. in 2008. The nuclear genome was described as 24.1 Mb, a G+C content of 37.5 % and 5188 predicted genes. It contained 190 gaps within the core regions of 14 chromosomes, but several hundred small contigs representing the subtelomeric and other repetitive regions. The published (v4) assembly was produced by Sanger sequencing from the H strain of P. knowlesi, originally isolated from an infected patient in Malaysia in 1965 and provided by Clemens Kocken (BPRC).

Further sequencing of the P. knowlesi H strain is underway using Illumina Sequence-by-Synthesis and DNA provided by Mary Gallinski (Emory Vaccine Center). A publication describing the complete methodology and important changes is in preparation. Please refer to Data Use Statement.


  • The genome of the simian and human malaria parasite Plasmodium knowlesi.

    Pain A, Böhme U, Berry AE, Mungall K, Finn RD, Jackson AP, Mourier T, Mistry J, Pasini EM, Aslett MA, Balasubrammaniam S, Borgwardt K, Brooks K, Carret C, Carver TJ, Cherevach I, Chillingworth T, Clark TG, Galinski MR, Hall N, Harper D, Harris D, Hauser H, Ivens A, Janssen CS, Keane T, Larke N, Lapp S, Marti M, Moule S, Meyer IM, Ormond D, Peters N, Sanders M, Sanders S, Sargeant TJ, Simmonds M, Smith F, Squares R, Thurston S, Tivey AR, Walker D, White B, Zuiderwijk E, Churcher C, Quail MA, Cowman AF, Turner CM, Rajandream MA, Kocken CH, Thomas AW, Newbold CI, Barrell BG and Berriman M

    Nature 2008;455;7214;799-803

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This sequencing centre plans on publishing the completed and annotated sequences in a peer-reviewed journal as soon as possible. Permission of the principal investigator should be obtained before publishing analyses of the sequence/open reading frames/genes on a chromosome or genome scale. See our data sharing policy.

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