Streptomyces coelicolor

Streptomyces coelicolor A3(2) is the model representative of a group of soil-dwelling organisma with a complex lifecycle involving mycelial growth and spore formation. These microbes are notable for their production of pharmaceutically useful compound including anti-tumour agents, immunosupressants and over two-thirds of all natural antibiotics currently available

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The Sanger Institute completed the sequencing of the Streptomyces coelicolor A3(2) genome in collaboration with Prof. David Hopwood of the John Innes Centre. The sequence was generated using a clone-by-clone approach, initially using cosmids generated and mapped by David Hopwood's group at the John Innes Centre, and latterly using a BAC library to fill gaps and confirm the map.

Published Genome Data

The chromosome is 8,667,507 bp long with a G+C content of 72.1% and is predicted to contain 7825 protein encoding genes. The fully annotated chromosomal genome is available in the EMBL/GenBank databases with accession number AL645882. Two plasmids are similarly available with accession numbers AL589148 and AL645771.

Shotgun and assembly data from this project are available from our FTP site.


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  • Complete genome sequence of the model actinomycete Streptomyces coelicolor A3(2).

    Bentley SD, Chater KF, Cerdeño-Tárraga AM, Challis GL, Thomson NR, James KD, Harris DE, Quail MA, Kieser H, Harper D, Bateman A, Brown S, Chandra G, Chen CW, Collins M, Cronin A, Fraser A, Goble A, Hidalgo J, Hornsby T, Howarth S, Huang CH, Kieser T, Larke L, Murphy L, Oliver K, O'Neil S, Rabbinowitsch E, Rajandream MA, Rutherford K, Rutter S, Seeger K, Saunders D, Sharp S, Squares R, Squares S, Taylor K, Warren T, Wietzorrek A, Woodward J, Barrell BG, Parkhill J and Hopwood DA

    Nature 2002;417;6885;141-7

Data Use Statement

This sequencing centre plans on publishing the completed and annotated sequences in a peer-reviewed journal as soon as possible. Permission of the principal investigator should be obtained before publishing analyses of the sequence/open reading frames/genes on a chromosome or genome scale. See our data sharing policy.

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