Proteus is a genus of gram negative Proteobacteria. Species include Proteus mirabilis which is a cause of Urinary Tract infections in humans, often resulting in the production of urinary stones.

Species of Proteus are being sequenced as part of the Public Health England NCTC reference collection. Please see the Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute's NCTC page for more details.

Data Downloads

The Sanger Institute has sequenced the genome of Proteus mirabilis strain HI4320 in collaboration with Prof. Harry Mobley at the Department of Microbiology and Immunology, University of Michigan Medical School, U.S.A.

Published Genome Data

The chromosome is 4.063 Mb with a G+C content of 38.88%, and there is a single plasmid of 36.289 kb.

Both the chromosome and the plasmid are available from the EMBL/GenBank databases with accession numbers AM942759 and AM942760 respectively.

Shotgun and assembly data from this project are available from our FTP site.


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  • Complete genome sequence of uropathogenic Proteus mirabilis, a master of both adherence and motility.

    Pearson MM, Sebaihia M, Churcher C, Quail MA, Seshasayee AS, Luscombe NM, Abdellah Z, Arrosmith C, Atkin B, Chillingworth T, Hauser H, Jagels K, Moule S, Mungall K, Norbertczak H, Rabbinowitsch E, Walker D, Whithead S, Thomson NR, Rather PN, Parkhill J and Mobley HL

    Journal of bacteriology 2008;190;11;4027-37

Data Use Statement

This sequencing centre plans on publishing the completed and annotated sequences in a peer-reviewed journal as soon as possible. Permission of the principal investigator should be obtained before publishing analyses of the sequence/open reading frames/genes on a chromosome or genome scale. See our data sharing policy.

Sequencing enquiries

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