Leptospira interrogans

Leptospirosis is a zoonotic infection caused by pathogenic members of the genus, primarily L. interrogans. Human disease usually occurs through environmental exposure to soil or water contaminated with Leptospira shed in the urine of an infected animal. Clinical manifestations are broad with symptoms including chills, headache, myalgia, conjunctival suffusion, and abdominal symptoms which can include nausea, vomiting and diarrhea. The disease has a worldwide distribution but is most common in tropical regions where incidence peaks during the rainy season.

Data Downloads

This project is ongoing and data for this organism will be made available in due course.

The Sanger Institute has been funded by the Wellcome Trust to sequence the genomes from a collection of Leptospira interrogans isolates representing much of the diversity within the species.


Discovery of sequence diversity in Leptospira interrogans ST34
SampleStrainRun Accession
L0013L0013 ERR017143
L0015L0015 ERR017145
L0431L0431 ERR017144
L0442L0442 ERR017154
L0020L0020 ERR017153
L0025L0025 ERR017152
L0088L0088 ERR017151
L0116L0116 ERR017150
L0133L0133 ERR017149
L0135L0135 ERR017148
L0382L0382 ERR017147
L0388L0388 ERR017146
L0453L0453 ERR017156
L0468L0468 ERR017158
L0643L0643 ERR017157
L0661L0661 ERR017167
L0474L0474 ERR017166
L0486L0486 ERR017165
L0521L0521 ERR017164
L0528L0528 ERR017163
L0562L0562 ERR017162
L0587L0587 ERR017161
L0607L0607 ERR017160
L0615L0615 ERR017159
L0685L0685 ERR027302
L0685L0685 ERR017117
L0752L0752 ERR017119
L0752L0752 ERR027304
L1104L1104 ERR027303
L1104L1104 ERR017118
L1118L1118 ERR017128
L1118L1118 ERR027313
L0810L0810 ERR027312
L0810L0810 ERR017127
L0894L0894 ERR027311
L0894L0894 ERR017126
L0910L0910 ERR027310
L0910L0910 ERR017125
L0984L0984 ERR027309
L0984L0984 ERR017124
L1000L1000 ERR027308
L1000L1000 ERR017123
L1059L1059 ERR027307
L1059L1059 ERR017122
L1064L1064 ERR027306
L1064L1064 ERR017121
L1096L1096 ERR017120
L1096L1096 ERR027305
L1151L1151 ERR017078
L1160L1160 ERR017080
M03M03 ERR017079
M04M04 ERR017089
L1190L1190 ERR017088
L1227L1227 ERR017087
L1229L1229 ERR017086
L1235L1235 ERR017085
L1254L1254 ERR017084
LP085LP085 ERR017083
M01M01 ERR017082
M02M02 ERR017081
M05M05 ERR017130
M08M08 ERR017132
UI12627UI12627 ERR017131
UI12830UI12830 ERR017141
M09M09 ERR017140
M11M11 ERR017139
M12M12 ERR017138
RY021RY021 ERR017137
UI08596UI08596 ERR017136
UI08704UI08704 ERR017135
UI12268UI12268 ERR017134
UI12539UI12539 ERR017133
UI13005UI13005 ERR017091
UI13016UI13016 ERR017093
UT560UT560 ERR017092
UT567UT567 ERR017102
UT104UT104 ERR017101
UT105UT105 ERR017100
UT108UT108 ERR017099
UT226UT226 ERR017098
UT227UT227 ERR017097
UT285UT285 ERR017096
UT294UT294 ERR017095
UT342UT342 ERR017094
UT670UT670 ERR017104
YC0086YC0086 ERR017106
YR0548YR0548 ERR017105
YT0012YT0012 ERR017115
YC0454YC0454 ERR017114
YL0003YL0003 ERR017113
YL0156YL0156 ERR017112
YL0166YL0166 ERR017111
YL0250YL0250 ERR017110
YL0644YL0644 ERR017109
YL0729YL0729 ERR017108
YL0856YL0856 ERR017107

Data Use Statement

This sequencing centre plans on publishing the completed and annotated sequences in a peer-reviewed journal as soon as possible. Permission of the principal investigator should be obtained before publishing analyses of the sequence/open reading frames/genes on a chromosome or genome scale. See our data sharing policy.

Sequencing enquiries

Please address all sequencing enquiries to: pathinfo@sanger.ac.uk