Tree of Life

Tree of Life

Tree of Life

Our Approach

The Tree of Life Programme will investigate the diversity of complex organisms found in the UK through sequencing and cellular technologies. It also compares and contrasts species' genome sequences to unlock insights into evolution and conservation.

Professor Mark Blaxter, from the University of Edinburgh, has joined the Sanger Institute to establish this new research Programme, working alongside a scientific working group.

The programme will focus on a range of activities, including: 

Genetic code of 66,000 UK species are set to be sequenced by the newly launched Darwin Tree of Life Project

Darwin Tree of Life Project

The Wellcome Sanger Institute is leading the UK-wide initiative to read the genomes of all 60,000 complex species (eukaryotes) in the British Isles.

The Project draws together a wide range of institutions, universities, funding bodies, museums and horticultural organisations to gather, read and explore the genomes of these UK-based species.

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Faculty-led research

The Programme will recruit a cohort of Faculty research leaders to design and deliver a range of laboratory and computational experiments that use the Darwin Project's data and techniques.

These studies will unlock insights into areas such as population genomics, evolution and the emergence of species, and why some species develop certain genetic conditions when others do not.



The following Sanger Institute research groups are contributing to the Tree of Life Programme
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Darwin Tree of Life sets down roots

Darwin Tree of Life sets down roots
Planning for the Darwin Tree of Life Project is underway. We welcome Professor Mark Blaxter, from the University of Edinburgh, who will join the Sanger Institute and work alongside a scientific working group to establish the Institute’s new research programme, Tree of Life