Tree of Life Enabling Platforms

Tree of Life Programme

Our team is responsible for writing and maintaining the core software used in the Tree of Life programme. We work closely with our Sample Management, Core Lab, Assembly, Curation and Faculty teams and with external partners. Our largest piece of software is the Sample Tracking System, which is responsible for keeping track of all samples as they are collected, pass through legal and regulatory compliance, and arrive on site to be sequenced. We also develop the ToL Portal, an interactive reporting hub for data generated in the Tree of Life programme.

Our software

Most of our software is written in Python and Javascript (React) and deployed on Sanger’s in-house cloud (OpenStack). We like to work in an agile way, delivering software in a two-weekly sprint cycle. We work very closely with other teams in the Tree of Life programme to define their requirements. Covering such a wide range of the programme’s work (everything up to the point where the genomes have been produced) means our work is quite varied – we could be doing anything from helping interface a lab instrument, or specifying an API or UI, to working with external partners to share our programme’s results.

Core team

Photo of Mr Kiernan Harding

Mr Kiernan Harding

Software Developer

Photo of Mr Logan Howat

Mr Logan Howat

Apprentice Software Developer

Photo of Ashish Mittal

Ashish Mittal

Senior QA Tester

Photo of Edward Moulsdale

Edward Moulsdale

Software Developer

Photo of Luke Wilson

Luke Wilson

Informatics & Digital Associate

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