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Gene Editing | Cellular Operations

Gene Editing


Our Research and Approach

In collaboration with our colleagues in Cellular Operations and Stem Cell Informatics, our work focuses on supporting and delivering the gene editing requirements of the Institute's faculty and research programmes.

• Through the adoption and implementation of modern genome editing techniques, we tailor our technical experience to help answer biological questions.  

• We optimise, develop and democratise the delivery of genome editing tools and platforms for the Institute’s research programmes. 

• For our collaborating partners we provide an agile, project focused, cost effective and efficient service as well as develop and provide biological resources, technical support and training for research groups and their staff.

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Dovey, Oliver
Dr Oliver M Dovey
Group Leader

Oliver leads the Gene Editing, Cellular Operations group. Having started his career as a research assistant at the Sanger Institute, with the Microarray Facility (lead by Cordelia Langford) and the Mouse Genetics team (lead by Prof. Allan Bradley), he obtained his PhD from the University of Leicester with Prof. Shaun Cowley studying the molecular and physiological effects of chromatin modifying proteins through the use of engineered Stem Cells and murine models. From here he returned to the Sanger Institute to study Haematological Cancer Genetics with Prof. George Vassiliou. Using bespoke engineered murine models, reverse (CRISPR-ko) and forward (transposon mediated insertional mutagenesis) screening platforms he worked to determine the physiological, molecular, pharmacological and genetic interactions (as well as sensitivities) of Acute Myeloid Leukaemia. He took up post as Head of Cellular Operations Gene Editing Team (formerly High Throughput Gene Editing) in 2018 and his team perform experiments which require Genome Engineering and develop an array of Gene Editing tools and platforms for the Institute.

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