Dr Sophie Robinson

Advanced Research Assistant

Sophie is an Advanced Research Assistant within the Gene Editing team, Cellular Operations. Gene editing, in collaboration with colleagues in Cellular Operations and Stem Cell informatics, supports and delivers gene editing projects, such as, engineering bespoke cell lines.

Sophie started her career undertaking a BS.c in Biological Sciences (UEA) followed by her M.Sc. in the Genetics of Human Disease at UCL, London. She pursued her interests in genetic disease aetiology by working as a Research Assistant in the research department of Histopathology at Great Ormond Street Hospital. From here she returned to UCL to undertake her Ph.D. (lead by Professor Robert Harvey and Dr Maximiliano Suster) focused on understanding the biological roles of glycine receptors, where she generated a glra2 zebrafish knockout line using CRISPR.

Sophie has come from the Cell Line Engineering team at Horizon Discovery, Cambridge where she generated custom designed cell lines using CRISPR/Cas for academic and industry clients.


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