Mr David Fraser, GRSC

Advanced Research Assistant

I am part of the Gene editing team that deliver on Gene editing projects large or small with collaboration within Cellops and from Faculty.The role involves vector construction,DNA prepping and NGS sequencing.


Currently I work on the Saturation Genome Editing (SGE) project which involves vector construction,DNA prepping,Sanger sequencing validation,Library prep pooling and NGS sequencing.This is a very result driven project which needs consistency of quality Library preps combined with successfully sequenced Targetons with a large range of variations being used for screening downstream by Faculty members.

Previously I did lots of Genotyping and Miseq sequencing within the Gene editng team for the Deciphering Developmental Disorders(DDD) project which would help to improve clinical practice for children who suffered from devopmental disorders.

At the early stages of the Gene editing team I was involved with Generation, archiving, and world-wide distribution of up to 12.000 conditional mutations for the EUCOMM project across the mouse genome in mouse embryonic stem (ES) cells,this also included much DNA prepping and sequencing.

My first role at the Sanger centre before joining the Gene editing team was for 8 years to be in charge of the on-site oligonucleotide production,which involved running a production facility for oligos for any on-site oligo requests.

Most of the projects I’ve been involved in over 29 years at the Sanger centre have revolved around high throughput gene editing,which is an area that I really enjoy doing as it employs my strengths of focus and producing highly consistent quality results.