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Sarah Teichmann's research group - Gene expression genomics - Wellcome Sanger InstituteWellcome Sanger Institute, Genome Research Limited
Sarah Teichmann's research group - Gene expression genomics - Wellcome Sanger Institute

Our Research and Approach

The teams are using single-cell approaches, so called “cell atlas” technologies to combined with human genetics at the cellular level. We combine cutting-edge techniques in wet and dry lab and are applying these methodologies for further understanding of human health, development and disease.

Sarah Teichmann is co-founder and principal leader of the Human Cell Atlas (HCA) international consortium. The International Human Cell Atlas initiative aims to create comprehensive reference maps of all human cells to further understand health and disease.

The team's research focuses on four complementary study areas:

  • Transcriptional regulation and gene expression
  • Single-cell genomics
  • Immunology
  • Protein complexes

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Dr Sarah Teichmann, FMedSci
Group Leader

Sarah’s research combines expertise in computational and systems biology with single-cell biology, genomics, structural biology and immunology.  She is co-founder of the global Human Cell Atlas Consortium.

Aldridge, Sarah

Dr Sarah Aldridge
Head of Science Strategy & Planning for Cellular Genetics Programme

Andrew, Tracey

Andrew, Tracey
Tracey Andrew
Executive Administrator Human Cell Atlas
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Chen, Xi

Chen, Xi
Xi Chen
Senior Staff Scientist

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