Cytometry Core Facility

Cellular Operations

The flow cytometry facility at the Wellcome Sanger Institute is a dedicated scientific service offering researchers with state-of-the-art flow cytometry instrumentation. Additionally, we offer flow cytometer training alongside assistance with running samples, data analysis and experimental design. The facility supports a range of flow cytometry techniques and currently has 9 instruments, including 2 with cutting edge spectral detection technology. High performance cell sorting is also provided as an application. Our sorters are customized for isolating cells and chromosomes at high speed.

Flow Cytometry is a laser based technology that is used to measure the physical and chemical characteristics of cells. Such measurements are made while the cells flow in a liquid medium past an excitation light source and the emitted fluorescence captured by its measuring apparatus. It is an important tool for many scientific disciplines as it allows qualitative and quantitative examination of the whole cells as well as characterization of cells within a sample.

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Core team

Photo of Jennie Graham

Jennie Graham

Senior Research Assistant

Photo of Miss Jade Joseph

Miss Jade Joseph

Research Assistant

Previous team members

Photo of Juneid Abdul-Karim

Juneid Abdul-Karim

Advanced Research Assistant

Photo of Amy Duguid

Amy Duguid

Advanced Research Assistant

Photo of Christopher Hall

Christopher Hall

Senior Research Assistant

Photo of Sam Thompson

Sam Thompson

Research Assistant


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Niels Morling


Matthew Breen


Anouck Schneider



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