Dr Daniele Muraro

Computational Biologist - Staff Scientist

My role is to provide computational analyses of (Single Cell) RNA-Seq data sets from a diversity of studies for my experimental team working on stem cell differentiation and genetic mechanisms controlling metabolic disorders.

I graduated in 2007 with a PhD in Mathematical Physics (University of Milan) in the area of Perturbation Theory for Hamiltonian Systems, I have then held four postdoctoral positions (Universities of Lisbon, Nottingham and Oxford) in Mathematical Biology during which I applied and developed a range of computational techniques to investigate different biological systems (Drosophila embryos, Arabidopsis thaliana roots, Human and Mouse intestinal epithelium). My computational work mainly focused on the areas of modelling and optimisation of molecular interaction networks, analysis of gene expression data, mathematical models to study cell proliferation, differentiation and death (pattern formation, mechanistic growth, cell population dynamics). In May 2017 I joined the Wellcome Sanger Institute as a Staff Scientist where I have been involved in a variety of projects based on (Single Cell) RNA-Seq.

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