Dr Daniele Muraro

Senior Bioinformatician


This person is a member of Sanger Institute Alumni.

Daniele passed away in October 2022. This page is being maintained as a historical record of his work at the Sanger Institute.

My role involves: management and analysis of large scale multi-modal and spatial genomics data obtained in the Human Cell Atlas; development of new computational methods used within the Teichmann Group research programme.

I graduated with a PhD in Mathematical Physics (University of Milan) in the area of Dynamical Systems, I have since held four postdoctoral positions (Universities of Lisbon, Nottingham and Oxford) in Mathematical / Systems Biology during which I applied and developed a range of computational techniques to investigate different biological systems (Drosophila embryos, Arabidopsis thaliana roots, intestinal epithelium, hiPSCs, organoids). My computational work focused on the areas of modelling, prioritisation, reverse-engineering of molecular interaction networks, evolutionary computation, analysis of gene expression data (including Single Cell RNA-Seq), mathematical models to study cell proliferation, differentiation and death (pattern formation, mechanistic growth, cell population dynamics).

In May 2017 I joined the Wellcome Sanger Institute, where I have led the bioinformatics analysis in a variety of projects mostly based on (Single Cell) RNA-Seq data, CRISPR screens with single cell readouts and, more recently, large scale multi-modal and spatial genomics data.

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