Dr Michael Stubbington

Principal Staff Scientist


This person is a member of Sanger Institute Alumni.

Mike leads the team at Sanger working on the Human Cell Atlas project. Mike is using his experience in single-cell analyses to develop enabling technologies for this effort as well as working to generate pilot data for the first draft of the Atlas.

I started my research career at the laboratory bench and first worked in the field of high-containment microbiology before moving to molecular immunology for my PhD. I realised during my PhD that I really enjoyed computational biology and bioinformatics and so moved to purely computational projects for a postdoctoral fellowship with Dr. Sarah Teichmann at EMBL-EBI and then as a Senior Staff Scientist when the Teichmann Group moved to WTSI. I am fascinated by the potential of single-cell analysis methods to reveal novel insights about cellular populations. I enjoy developing and implementing new methods in this area and I have been focusing on the analysis of immune cell populations and antigen-receptor repertoires. I am looking forward to applying single-cell techniques to across all human cell types as part of the Human Cell Atlas projects at Sanger. I hope that we will be able to develop new and effective protocols for large-scale surveys of individual cells and to make important contributions to this major international effort.

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