Dr Kerstin Meyer

Principal Staff Scientist

Kerstin Meyer is a Principal Staff Scientist in Cellular Genetics, working with the Teichmann group. She leads Human Cell Atlas projects characterising the cellular landscape of the lung and the respiratory system in human development and over the life span, and in diseases such as asthma and COVID-19.

I started my career in immunology, obtaining my PhD from the MRC Laboratory of Molecular Biology, University of Cambridge, where I studied the regulation of immunoglobulin gene expression. I continued to work in this field for a number of years before moving to the CRUK Cambridge Institute investigating genetic risk for breast and lung cancer. I worked in close collaboration with clinicians and computational biologists, using transcriptional networks to understand the combined effect of inherited risk variants for cancer. I am fascinated by the way gene regulatory networks determine cell types and cell states and hope that the Human Cell Atlas will further our understanding in how cell fate decisions are made and can potentially be modified in therapeutic applications. I enjoy working in multidisciplinary teams, bringing together expertise from biology, medicine, computing and technology development to tackle big problems in modern biomedicine, which the Human Cell Atlas has the potential to address.

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