Surveillance Operations

Genomic Surveillance Unit

A team within the Genomic Surveillance Unit, we work with partners around the world to ensure that the end-to-end process of partner onboarding, sample shipment, processing, sequencing, and data delivery is as smooth as possible. This includes training and support to build genomic surveillance capacity worldwide.

About us

We are lab scientists, lawyers, analysts, and training specialists focused on the nuts and bolts of genomic surveillance. We specialise in building the right processes, services, and products so that genomic surveillance solutions can scale.

Our work

Activities in the Surveillance Operations team are divided roughly into three key areas:

  • Compliance, samples and partner management
  • Service delivery
  • In-country operations

Compliance, samples and partner management

We create, develop, and refine processes, guidance, and standards in order to: 

  • Establish new collaborations in a structured way 
  • Stay in touch with global partners
  • Enable new partners to supply samples easily and efficiently
  • Ensure that our work complies with all required policies and regulations for processing samples
  • Write, review, and update legal, ethical, and Nagoya agreements
  • Curate biosample metadata (all the information about the samples like locations, dates, and identifying numbers)
  • Provide laboratory services for the GSU’s surveillance programmes

Service delivery

While part of our team is dedicated to thinking deeply about processes, another part follows those processes to create large volumes of genomic sequencing data. This feedback loop allows us to better understand the needs of our partners.

Our capabilities include:

  • Sample processing, sequencing, and data delivery for:
    • More than 20,000 malaria parasite and vector datasets and samples per year
    • Up to 60,000 positive COVID-19 samples per week
  • Genomic surveillance reports in near-real time 
  • Intelligent prioritisation of resources and funding
  • Adaptive work scheduling 
  • Process mapping and documentation services
  • Continuous service improvements that reduce turnaround times

In-country operations

Historically, much of the sequencing for genomic surveillance happened in large research centres like the Sanger Institute. This can create logistical challenges and can be a barrier for research facilities in resource-limited settings. But now, with changes in technology and growing capacity, surveillance solutions can be implemented anywhere.

Our team of training specialists focus on helping partners reach their genomic surveillance goals by supporting solutions which can be implemented in their own countries. We provide both virtual and in-person training sessions, as well as support to troubleshoot issues as they arise. 

The in-country operations team currently supports genomic surveillance hubs in:

  • The Gambia
  • Ghana
  • Indonesia
  • Mali
  • Thailand
  • Vietnam

Core team

Photo of Mr Abey Cherian

Mr Abey Cherian

Advanced Research Assistant

Photo of Dr Sara Valentini

Dr Sara Valentini

Genomic Surveillance Business Analyst and Continuous Improvement Lead

Previous team members

Photo of Mr Andrews Addy Asante

Mr Andrews Addy Asante

Senior In-Country Operations Officer

Photo of Dr Sandra Bernaldo de Quiros Fernandez

Dr Sandra Bernaldo de Quiros Fernandez

Advanced Research Assistant

Photo of Ms Jacqueline Brown

Ms Jacqueline Brown

Advanced Research Assistant - Laboratory Manager

Photo of Eleanor Drury

Eleanor Drury

Genomic Surveillance Operations Lead

Photo of Juan Camilo Gomez Arenas

Juan Camilo Gomez Arenas

Reporting Analyst

Photo of Miss Katie Love

Miss Katie Love

Advanced Research Assistant

Photo of Miss Rachel Ogidan

Miss Rachel Ogidan

Compliance Manager (Genomic Surveillance Unit)


We work with the following groups


Collaboration: PAHO

Pan American Health Organization



Plasmodium Diversity Network Africa