Dr Sara Valentini

Project Manager

Sara obtained her Master’s in Biology in Germany and her PhD in Biology of Ageing at the University College London (UCL). After 10 years in science she switched to research management in 2012 when joining Sanger. Her scientific background provides a solid and in-depth understanding of science and all aspects involved.


Since joining Sanger in 2012 I have been involved in managing large scale programs and am currently managing multiple projects within my team, such as the Organoid Derivation Project, Cancer Dependency Map and the Genomics of Drug Sensitivity in Cancer (GDSC) cell line screening platform.

My Group

The Translational Cancer Genomics group uses one of the largest cancer cell line collections to conduct high-throughput drug screens to identify novel therapies and biomarkers of drug responses in cancer. Since for many cancer types the cell line collection fails to encompass the genetic spectrum of the disease, novel technologies to improve the knowledge and treatment methods are investigated. This is where the 3D cancer organoid models come into play: the goal of the Organoid Derivation Project is to develop, analyse and distribute new cancer models as a resource for the research community.


Through my work at the Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute I am a communication focal point for both projects to provide clear dissemination of information and action planning between different core groups within the institute, as well as external groups and collaborators to ensure that different parts of the projects come together smoothly.

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