Mr Andrews Addy Asante

Senior In-Country Operations Officer

Andrews is a dynamic professional and a graduate of the University of Cambridge. With over six years of diverse work experience, he currently serves as the Senior In-country Operations Officer at the Genomic Surveillance Unit. His role focuses on supporting MalariaGEN partners with operations activities to enhance malaria genomic surveillance and revolutionise healthcare.

Main Responsibilities

Andrews works closely with the In-country Operations Lead and colleagues to provide dedicated support to MalariaGEN partners by supporting the planning and coordination of operations activities in partner countries across Africa and Southeast Asia to build capacity and enhance their research growth in Genomic Surveillance. As part of his role, Andrews supports his colleagues in organising workshops and supports laboratory training activities for partners as part of decentralising sequencing capabilities.

In addition, Andrews provides support for the MalariaGEN Procurement Grant, an initiative funded by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation to assist researchers across Africa and beyond with procurement challenges they face.

Previous Work

Before joining the In-country Operations Team, Andrews worked as the Operations Support Trainee on the Heron project within Sanger, where he supported the Operations Lead and his colleague in managing and coordinating the COVID-19 genomic surveillance within the UK for public health intervention.


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