Dr Adam Hunter

Senior Scientific Manager

Senior Scientific Manager leading a number of projects within Cellular Screening in Cellular Operations. Currently managing 2D cancer CRISPR screening projects, iPSC CRISPR screening project and the Saturation Genome Editing projects.

I hold BSc in Genetics and a PhD in human Embryonic Stem Cell epigenetics and have worked in mouse and human cell biology for since 2008. Initially, I began my career as a research assistant here  at the Wellcome Sanger Institute working on mouse ESC biology in the Mouse Genome Project before expanding into human ESC biology. Following this short career as a research assistant I completed my PhD with the University of Cambridge at the Babraham Institute. There I focussed on modelling early epigenetic modifications during early embryonic development. Specialising in differentiating human ESC to the three germ layers and differentiating iPSC to neural stem cells. Following this I re-started my career at the Wellcome Sanger Institute as a Senior Research Assistant developing a new method for modelling neurological disorders as a part of the Deciphering Developmental Disorders project. I am now a Senior Scientific Manager in the Cellular Operations – Cellular Screening group at the Wellcome Sanger Institute leading projects in CRISPR screening of iPSC and cancer cell lines including the MAVE – Saturation Genome Editing project.

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