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This page is maintained as a historical record and is no longer being updated.

The High-Throughput and Gene Editing team was disbanded in 2019 with the formation of the new Gene Editing team at the Sanger Institute. This page is being maintained as a historical record of the team’s work at the Institute and is no longer being updated.

The High Throughput Gene Editing team helped to deliver the gene editing requirements of the Institute's faculty and research.

We did this by:

  • Supporting the gene editing needs of the Institutes varied research programmes, through the adoption of modern genome editing techniques.
  • We aimed to optimise and develop genome editing tools and platforms to provide an agile, project focused, cost effective and efficient service for our collaborating partners.
  • We provided training, resources and technical support for research groups and their staff.

Previous team members

Photo of Ms Kay Clarke

Ms Kay Clarke

Advanced Research Assistant

Photo of Dr Miriam Smith

Dr Miriam Smith

Staff Scientist

Photo of Dr Tristan Thwaites

Dr Tristan Thwaites

Former Senior Scientific Manager at the Sanger Institute

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