Haniffa Group

Cellular Genetics Programme

The team’s research applies disruptive cutting-edge techniques to study the genomics of immune cell populations at single-cell resolution and uses advanced computing capabilities to analyse data to reconstruct the immune system within its tissue context during development and adult life

This research is part of the Human Cell Atlas initiative, which has set out to create a comprehensive reference map of all human cells as the basis for understanding human health and diagnosing, monitoring and treating disease.

The team’s research focuses on these areas:

  • Development Cell Atlas – decoding the development and functional maturation of the human immune system.
  • Skin Cell Atlas – unravelling the cellular circuits during homeostasis and inflammatory skin diseases.
  • Human Developmental Biology Initiative – lineage analyses of the developing human immune system.

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Core team

Photo of Dr April Rose Foster

Dr April Rose Foster

Staff Scientist

Photo of Dr Laure Gambardella

Dr Laure Gambardella

Senior Staff Scientist

Photo of Dr Christine Hale

Dr Christine Hale

Senior Staff Scientist

Photo of Ms Shaista Madad

Ms Shaista Madad

PhD Student

Photo of Dr Vicky Rowe

Dr Vicky Rowe

Laboratory Manager

Photo of Feri Torabi

Feri Torabi

Advanced Research Assistant

Photo of Dr Elena Winheim

Dr Elena Winheim

Postdoctoral Fellow

Previous team members

Photo of Stephane Ballereau

Stephane Ballereau

Principal Bioinformatician


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