Prof Muzlifah Haniffa, FMedSci

Senior Group Leader

Muzlifah is a Senior Group Leader in the Cellular Genetics programme, a Wellcome Senior Research Fellow, and Professor of Dermatology and Immunology at Newcastle University. Her research team pioneers the applications of single-cell genomics technologies to understand tissue homeostasis, immunity and disease pathogenesis. A major research goal is to decode the development and functional maturation of the human immune system.

I am a dermatologist by trade, was born into immunology, married into developmental biology and became best friends with single-cell ‘Omics’.

In addition to my roles listed above I am the Biological Network Co-Coordinator for the Human Cell Atlas and the Deputy lead PI for the Immunology and Inflammation theme at Newcastle University.

I am passionate about training and mentoring the next generation of clinicians and research scientists. I firmly believe that research is a collaborative endeavour that thrives when conducted by a people drawn from a wide range of disciplines and lived experiences. For this reason I am a strong advocate for diversity and public engagement.

I completed my medical degree in Cardiff and undertook further medical training in Cambridge and Newcastle. After completing a PhD at Newcastle University, I worked as a post-doctoral fellow in Singapore.

I am a proud Mum and I’m always trying out new recipes in the kitchen for family dinners. My children say I have 100 different ways of cooking cabbage! For relaxation I enjoy watching films, reading and running.