Feri is an Advanced Research Assistant in Prof. Muzz Haniffa’s group. 

She is working on developing pluripotent stem cell-derived hair-bearing skin organoid models. Leveraging the power of single-cell and spatial genomic methods, she is keen to understand the similarities and differences between in vivo development of fetal skin and the lab-grown skin organoids. 

Previously, Feri has worked in Prof. Nicole Soranzo’s group to generate single-cell RNA sequencing data from immune cells of blood at a population-scale, using a novel high-throughput pipeline comprising 10X Genomics platforms and semi-automated liquid handlers.

Prior to joining the Sanger, Feri undertook a research placement at the Babraham Institute (Dr Stefan Schoenfelder’s group) where she explored the epigenetic variation (active and repressive histone modifications) in human induced pluripotent stem cells derived from different donors.

In her free time, Feri enjoys running, cycling and swimming. 

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