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The Cancer Genome Project uses high-throughput genome sequencing to identify these somatically acquired mutations with the aim of characterising cancer genes, mutational processes and patterns of clonal evolution in human tumours.

Cancer is caused by the genetic changes acquired by our cells as we go through life. We use cutting-edge DNA sequencing methods to identify these genetic changes, known as mutations, from human cancer samples. Our aim is to discover the genes that are frequently mutated in tumours, since these provide important insights into the biology of cancer. We also study the patterns of mutations we see in cancer cells. These patterns represent a record of the cancer’s life history, and can illustrate the damaging factors the genome has been exposed to as the cancer has evolved from a normal cell.

Core team

Photo of Elizabeth Anderson

Elizabeth Anderson

Scientific Manager

Photo of Dr Kathryn Beal

Dr Kathryn Beal

Senior Software Developer

Photo of Mr Shriram G Bhosle

Mr Shriram G Bhosle

Principal Software Developer

Photo of Dr Aikaterini Chatzipli

Dr Aikaterini Chatzipli

Postdoctoral Fellow

Photo of Calli Latimer

Calli Latimer

Project Coordinator: Cancer, Ageing and Somatic Mutation Programme

Photo of Emily Mitchell

Emily Mitchell

PhD Student

Photo of Laura O'Neill

Laura O'Neill

Scientific Manager

Photo of Rebecca Shepherd

Rebecca Shepherd

Senior Bioinformatician

Previous team members

Photo of Dr Nicos Angelopoulos

Dr Nicos Angelopoulos

Senior Staff Scientist

Photo of Graham Bignell

Graham Bignell

Senior Staff Scientist

Photo of Dr Simon Forbes

Dr Simon Forbes

Head of COSMIC

Photo of Dr Anthony Fullam

Dr Anthony Fullam

Postdoctoral Fellow

Photo of Stephen J Gamble

Stephen J Gamble

Research Assistant

Photo of Dominik Glodzik

Dominik Glodzik

Postdoctoral Fellow

Photo of Angela Macharia

Angela Macharia

Project Manager

Photo of Dr Ultan McDermott

Dr Ultan McDermott

Honorary Faculty and Former Group Leader

Photo of Mr Stuart McLaren

Mr Stuart McLaren

Project Manager

Photo of Dr Tibor Nagy

Dr Tibor Nagy

Senior Bioinformatician

Photo of Stanley Ng

Stanley Ng

Postdoctoral Fellow

Photo of Dr Serena Nik-Zainal

Dr Serena Nik-Zainal

CRUK Advanced Clinician Scientist and Former Wellcome Sanger Institute Group Leader

Photo of Nikita Patel

Nikita Patel

Research Assistant

Photo of Mia Petljak

Mia Petljak

Former Postdoctoral Fellow at the Sanger Institute

Photo of Nicola D Roberts

Nicola D Roberts

Former PhD Student at the Sanger Institute

Photo of Lucy A Stebbings

Lucy A Stebbings

Principal Bioinformatician

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