Luke Wilson

Informatics & Digital Associate

Luke is currently working in the Tree of Life Platforms team helping develop websites/web-apps, as well as re-usable components, enabling others to build their own websites. He is a part of the Sanger Tech Talent Scheme.

Luke is completing his third and final rotation at Sanger, currently working with Tree of Life Platforms team. Previous to this, he was working within the Informatics and Digital Support team, specifically ISG, helping to monitor the ‘farm’, which is the name given to one of Sanger’s compute clusters. Before that, he was working within the GSU, within one of their software development teams, developing software for in-country partners to send over BCF files, as well as an internal tool for collating issues completed during sprints and presenting them in an easy to read manner for stakeholders.

Luke is also studying his master’s degree in Computer Science and AI and would love to put the skills and knowledge learnt during this degree to use, by creating applications in his free time that makes going to the gym/working out, or exercising more appealing and approachable to everyday people.

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