Production Software Development

Laboratory Information and Management Systems (LIMS) compute and infrastructure

The Production Software Development team is responsible for Laboratory Information Management Systems (LIMS) development in core informatics within the Wellcome Sanger Institute.

The LIMS produced by the team are used by the high throughput sequencing and genotyping pipelines at the Institute. They also cover groups such as Sample Management and Pacbio sequencing.

The vast majority of the software produced by Production Software Development is open source and freely available on github.

The team comes from various backgrounds including Computer Science and Biology. They are highly skilled in a number of areas and dedicated to providing highly available, scalable LIMS solutions to meet the ever changing needs of the laboratories that use them.

Ruby, Ruby on Rails and MySQL are the most commonly used technologies within the team. Tableau is heavily utilised to provide reporting and data visualisation for both the team and the wider Institute. New technologies are continually being evaluated to find the best tools for job.

We are always looking for talented individuals to join the team. These roles can be found in the careers section of the website, and are advertised on Twitter – @sangerinstitute

Core team

Photo of Stephen Inglis

Stephen Inglis

Senior Software Developer - Production Software

Photo of Seena Nair

Seena Nair

Senior Software Developer

Photo of Neil Sycamore

Neil Sycamore


Photo of Katy Taylor

Katy Taylor

Senior Software Developer

Previous team members

Photo of Beth Flint

Beth Flint

Senior Scientific Manager

Photo of Dr James Glover

Dr James Glover

Senior Software Developer

Photo of Rich Livett

Rich Livett

Lead Scrum Master