Stephen Inglis

Senior Software Developer - Production Software

I am responsible for building and maintaining Laboratory Information Systems (LIMS) and support services to task and track laboratory activity.

I have a keen interest in web technologies and my specialist area is the Ruby on Rails (RoR) web application development framework. I am currently learning Rust with a view to using it for command line tools, data processing and scalable APIs. I am also building new tools using the Vue.js Javascript front end framework.

Projects that I maintain:

New projects I am working on:

  • Traction – A LIMS for tracking long read sequencing technologies. It currently supports the GridION X5 which is a compact benchtop system designed to run and analyse up to five MinION Flow Cells. Went into production in August
  • QuantHub – A Vue.js application to allow researchers to analyse, manipulate and process QC data