New Pipeline Group (NPG)

Sequencing Informatics

NPG is responsible for the delivery of DNA Pipelines's data products and the provision of informatics expertise and QC systems.

Illumina Sequencing forms the majority of DNA Pipelines’ products and NPG provides the tracking, QC, and analysis systems to process the output. Our automated high-throughput analysis systems provide analyses appropriate for the study, sample, and type of library being sequenced. When requested, the team may also provide bespoke or tailored analysis for our faculty customers (for example, 10X processing using other experimental data).

DNA Pipelines typically uses PacBio Sequencing to provide high base quality long-read sequencing in up to 15 kb fragments. NPG wraps around the analysis systems provided by PacBio to ensure data delivery and QC reporting. We also provide local informatics expertise concerning this data.

DNA Pipelines also provide a variety of other sequence assay products: ONT sequencing offers unique capabilities, Bionano a non-sequencing method of studying structure, and small panel genotyping using Fluidigm. NPG wraps around these to ensure automated delivery of suitable data products to the customer.

NPG provides consistent delivery of all the varied data products with appropriate metadata and access control.

The NPG team liaises with DNA Pipelines and faculty informatics to gather requirements and best practices. DNA Pipelines ensure we’re aware of changes in the nature of the product and demand e.g. new instruments, new instrument types, and new projects with expected throughput and processing requirements.

NPG continuously reviews its systems with an eye to product trends and implements long rolling projects to accommodate them.

The NPG team has to maintain informatics, Illumina sequencing, and genotyping knowledge sufficient to anticipate and understand DNA Pipelines customer requirements so that requests can be anticipated, evaluated, and rejected or implemented appropriately.

Core team

Photo of Jillian Durham

Jillian Durham

Senior Bioinformatician

Photo of Jennifer Liddle

Jennifer Liddle

Senior Software Developer

Photo of Carol Scott

Carol Scott

Principal Bioinformatician

Photo of Dr Jaime M. Tovar Corona

Dr Jaime M. Tovar Corona

Senior Software Developer

Previous team members

Photo of Dr Irina Abnizova

Dr Irina Abnizova

Senior Computer Biologist

Photo of Mr Sendu Bala

Mr Sendu Bala

Principle Software Developer

Photo of Dr Iain Bancarz

Dr Iain Bancarz

Senior Software Developer

Photo of Ruben Eduardo Bautista Garcia

Ruben Eduardo Bautista Garcia

Senior Bioinformatician

Photo of Mr Martin O. Pollard

Mr Martin O. Pollard

Technical Innovator

The following were also members of this team:

Guoying Qi
Nadeem Faruque
Roger Pettett
John O'Brien

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Illumina provides the main technology for sequencing and array services provided by DNA Pipelines.