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Soranzo Group | Human Complex Traits

Soranzo Group

Our Research and Approach

Our research focuses on the application of large-scale genomic analysis to unravel the spectrum of human genetic variation associated with cardiometabolic diseases, and its interaction with non-genetic and environmental cues.

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Professor Nicole Soranzo
Group Leader

Nicole is the team leader. Nicole was trained in quantitative population and statistical genetics at the University of Milano, University of Dundee and University College London, where she applied genetic analysis to evolutionary studies of natural populations and human traits. She spent two years in the pharmaceutical industry in the US, applying human genetics to improve drug discovery and pharmacogenomics. She returned to the UK at the Sanger Institute, where she started her group in 2009. In 2013 she became adjunct faculty at the University of Cambridge School of Clinical Medicine, and in 2015 was awarded a personal chair in Human Genetics at the University of Cambridge School of Clinical Medicine in October 2015.

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Yan, Ying

Yan, Ying
Dr Ying Yan
Former Senior Bioinformatician at the Sanger Institute

Key Projects, Collaborations, Tools & Data

We strongly believe in the value of open data sharing, and have developed a number of tools and resources to facilitate access of our results by the scientific community.

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  • Whole-genome sequence-based analysis of thyroid function.

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  • Platelet Genomics

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  • Copy number variation of the APC gene is associated with regulation of bone mineral density.

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  • A genome-wide meta-analysis identifies 22 loci associated with eight hematological parameters in the HaemGen consortium.

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  • Is the thrifty genotype hypothesis supported by evidence based on confirmed type 2 diabetes- and obesity-susceptibility variants?

    Southam L, Soranzo N, Montgomery SB, Frayling TM, McCarthy MI et al.

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  • Genome-wide association study identifies variants at 9p21 and 22q13 associated with development of cutaneous nevi.

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  • Common genetic variation near the phospholamban gene is associated with cardiac repolarisation: meta-analysis of three genome-wide association studies.

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  • Genome-wide association study identifies eight loci associated with blood pressure.

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  • Loci at chromosomes 13, 19 and 20 influence age at natural menopause.

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  • Meta-analysis of genome-wide association data identifies two loci influencing age at menarche.

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  • Meta-analysis of genome-wide scans for human adult stature identifies novel Loci and associations with measures of skeletal frame size.

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  • A genome-wide association study identifies three loci associated with mean platelet volume.

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  • Six new loci associated with body mass index highlight a neuronal influence on body weight regulation.

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  • Male-pattern baldness susceptibility locus at 20p11.

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