Research areas

The Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute's researchers engage in projects that seek to further understanding of gene function in health and disease and to generate data and resources of lasting value to biomedical research.

Our research is broadly divided into six main areas of investigation: Human genetics, Mouse and zebrafish genetics, Cellular genetics, Pathogen genetics, Malaria, and Bioinformatics. Working within these areas, our Faculty of world-leading scientists can explore and develop their own unique hypotheses.

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Human genetics

Human geneticsThe Human genetics programme focuses on the genetic basis of common diseases and other important biological traits


Pathogen genetics

Pathogen geneticsThe Pathogen genetics programme uses genotypic and phenotypic approaches to characterise bacteria, eukaryotic parasites and viruses that affect human health


Cellular genetics

Cellular geneticsThe Cellular Genetics programme explores the way in which natural variation in the genome affects how human cells function in health and in disease


Mouse and zebrafish genetics

Mouse and zebrafish geneticsThe Mouse and zebrafish programme generates and distributes a wide range of investigative community resources, accelerating research globally



MalariaThe Malaria programme uses genetic, genomic and proteomic approaches to understand malaria biology


Computational genomics

Computational genomicsThe Computational genomics programme develops and applies methods to process, store and analyse data generated by high-throughput projects


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